Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Andrew's village: The Goonies (as me and Reaiah call it)

Andrew, his baby girl, and his son outside of his hut
me, Reaiah, our friend Leah, and Andrew while working on recording a story

Reaiah and Andrew talking about a story

a cool shot of the sun in the clouds from our back yard. these are baobab trees that are common here in Africa. these are kinda small ones; the big ones are centuries old and incredible to look at.
a little friend that was found by our neighbor kids one day. they brought it over to let us get a good look at it. have you ever seen a hedgehog before?!?!

as long as he doesn't know you are watching him he will crawl around, but then when he gets scared, he balls up and all you see is his spiky backside...