Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's hot season. That means it's hot.

Not sure the temperature outside actually, but inside, under the tin roof I've been seeing over 100 degrees by mid afternoon. The inside doesn't cool off much unfortunately even after dark. We're really looking forward to rainy season...

During this last dry season we had a little improvements made on our house. Pastor Samiel had to make a whole new 'porch' for us and then added to it so we could keep the truck under a shade too. Also, without much in the way of electricity for fans to run off of, sleeping inside is simply... uncomfortable and sweaty. We've been putting up tents in the yard every night to sleep. The air cools off a good bit still at night and we're almost cold by morning, allowing us some decent hours of sleep before the sun comes up. However, it means we are still up and taking down the tents by 6 am since the neighbors are out and about by then and I just can't sleep comfortably with them walking around us. Hot season is so tiring...


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