Thursday, September 03, 2009

dreadful ants near our house that are particularly fond of invading Reaiah's room in the house. You remember the ants, don't you, Mom.

enjoying a delicious African meal with our family. oh yeah, just reach in there and grab a handful of yellow/green rice and shove it in. It really tastes much better than it looks. I promise. Ask my brother.

Our friend Leah and the son of our friend, Kono, who had the really bad infection in her hand

this sad little faced one lives next door. she decided she really liked wearing the head wrap one day.

Pastor Samiel and our favorite little baby girl at his house.

the women coming in from working all day in the fields. they carry everything on their heads. except for their babies, who are tied securely on their backs.

Leah tried out wearing a baby on the back...
and this is what she got. We're told its a blessing to have a baby pee on you. It means God will bless you with lots of children. Way to go, Leah. Blessings from God right there...

The local grinder. They grind their grain into flour, the shea nuts into nasty black stuff they use to make oil, anything at all that you might want to grind. This is your man. Saves you hours of pounding it by hand.

Little girl who decided I needed help putting my head wrap on (after she had pushed it off my head in the first place). I don't think she ever figured it out.


At 3:19 PM, Blogger Natalie K. said...

Great pics that show life there--thanks for sharing, friend!!


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