Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Some photos of Christmas in our town

Our friends Jenny and Nantene (from Andrew's village) helping cook the Christmas lunch
Pastor Samiel, his little one Asa, boys Solo and Abel, girls Masara and Miriama. In front, his wife Ruti and sister Jane.

Our family of believers: Front left- Andrew, OldWoman, Pastor, his wife Ruti and their girls.
Top left- visitor from another town, Rachel P, 'Mighty Mouse', Jane, another visitor, Reaiah, me, Rachel C
Rachels were staying with us for the week and a few of our normal believers were not there for the photo.
I have my hair braided. With extentions. It does not feel good and I am thankful that this not required of me to inflict on myself on a more regular basis. But I'm not really angry in this picture. or bitter. I promise.

All of us girls, along with Pastor's wife, Ruti, had matching outfits made, had our hair done in the same style, and dyed our feet with henna. This is what happens after the first application. It requires two, which means two nights of sleeping with your feet caked in mud, wrapped in plastic sacks. Then you put on some really strong smelling stuff that turns it black. They love it here. 'It's pretty.' I just think its amusing. And way more trouble than I have ever gone to to get dressed up for any other event in my life. I mean, what else says "Merry Christmas" than big clothes, fancy hair and black feet, right?


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