Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another trip out to our waterfall/lagoon with friends to enjoy a swim. We tried to get a picture of me actually jumping off this cliff into the water below, but it didn't come out.

We had some chocolate cake, 'toh'-style (aka everyone eat the section in front of you and work your way to the middle). what can i say, we are all bush girls. who needs manners. or your own plate...
another truck that got stuck on the road back from the waterfall. rainy season is not kind to the bush roads out here. so glad we have 4 wheel drive.

in Bamako you never know what odd things the boys will be selling in the street to the passing cars. we thought this was funny and worth the $1 just because.

me, Reaiah and Leah

the market in downtown Bamako. Its madness. You don't want to go there unless its absolutely necessary.

The women washing clothes in the river in Bamako. Now the water is so high from the rains in the last few weeks that all of this area is under water.

stuck in traffic in the city, becoming more and more of a problem for us coming in and out of town


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