Saturday, August 16, 2008

A little hike up the hills...

i love climbing. even in a skirt, if i have to.
one of the views from the top of our cliffs.
this is one of the hills we climbed. there is a natural bridge. its amazing.
we're working on a story with Andrew.
a friend is teaching our little girls to draw pictures in the dirt
the hills outside our town, beautiful huh? but an exhausting hike.
at the top there is a cave, we went climbing the other day with a friend


At 9:31 AM, Blogger The Black Family said...

thanks for the update and the pictures! I LOVE THE PICTURES! Truly, seeing your new house, etc helps me to picture you and R when I pray. Sorry we didn't get to talk more before you left - we needed some healing time and we got it.

We've moved to AZ so we are somewhat closer to your home state. It's been a transition - life is definitely different outside the Bible Belt. I told someone that we were so far outside the belt - we were hanging on the hem of the pants. Such a huge mission field here.

Love you - praying for you!


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