Wednesday, June 25, 2008

inside the house...

Oh yes, that's right my friends... we have electricity! Only one normal plug to charge things off of and a few others to run some fans off of, but we are totally excited about it. More than we've ever had in a hut! here is the underworkings of our solar power system... the car batteries that are charged by the sun panels, then the power box which converts it to the right voltage for us to plug in and charge the computer or phone or whatever... pretty sweet isn't it! This contraption sits just inside our front door.
The second night in the house the first big rain of the season came (bringing with it a huge dust storm and nearly ripping our poor little house apart...). The next morning the whole house was covered in dirt. This is the top of my dresser after i removed some of the things that had been sitting on it during the night.
This is from out side the house, in the yard. You can see our solar panels attatched to the roof above my room (that's my window). The bathroom is to the left.
Reaiah is sitting underneath our porch washing our dishes that have been in storage while we were gone. They were nasty, so it took us a while to get them all ready to use. But this is how we wash dishes. Big buckets of water. Dry em in the sun. then shut them up inside a storage case so they won't just get covered in dust again.
this is inside my room. its kinda bare right now, and still being unpacked/organized, but it's mine. with a window!
the other side of my room
inside our living room. not much, but we don't spend much time inside anyway. it's too hot to stay inside a mud hut with a tin roof during the day... (we've been clocking it inside and out... temperatures in the high 90s during the day inside with almost no air circulation. at night it only goes down to mid 80s, still with no air-- we've been sleeping outside. SO much nicer.)


At 4:40 AM, Blogger Natalie K. said...

I LOVE getting to see these glimpses of your life. Thank you!


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