Wednesday, June 25, 2008

around the house

the kitchen hut and office room are actually seperate from the other hut. but our clever electrician who set up the solar power thought to give us a light bulb inside so we won't have to use our flashlights to cook at night now. inside the kitchen we have a gas stove/oven to cook with. it's very handy. if we ever actually go to the trouble to cook...
inside the kitchen hut, our pantry. beautiful isn't it? Notice (if you can) we are sufficiently stocked for the time being with plenty of pasta sides, club crackers, instant oatmeal, cereals from the great USofA, peanut butter, and pringles. we also have quite a bit of packaged meats that we are greataful for. after 4 days in our new town, we've still hardly cooked an actual meal for all the 'premade' stuff we brought back with us from home. it's great, but our neighboring family, i think, is getting concerned that we don't actually cook anything to eat. she's brought us food at every meal.
next to the kitchen hut there is another room that we are using as our 'office'/storage room. our bikes, books, and extra cot for all you visitors we are expecting to come see us...
once again, inside the living room, the view from my room door looking across to Reaiah's room

inside our kitchen hut. we have a fridge that is still trying to figure out if it's going to work or not (run off of gas), and a few storage trunks to hold our pans and dishes, water filters on the table to get that extra clean drinking water...
and HERE is our water system. ya, we don't have running water, so we have this ingenious method of sending the neighborhood boys to the water pump to get water in 5 gallon jugs. we then empty the water into these 25 gallon barrels where we can retrieve water for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and keeping the filter's supply full. Kind of a long process for having water alway accessable, but at least its clean water, and its close. to go get the water a bucket at a time would mean a 10 minute walk to the closest good well, hoping not to spill it all before getting home.


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